My Winnipeg

A Docu-Fantasia from Director Guy Maddin


My Winnipeg is a docu-fantasia written and directed by Guy Maddin. The film closely follows Guy Maddin himself as he navigates the city of Winnipeg, going into the journey of discovering himself.


  • Ann Savage as Mother
  • Louis Negin as Mayor Cornish
  • Amy Stewart as Janet Maddin
  • Darcy Fehr as Guy Maddin
  • Brendan Cade as Cameron Maddin
  • Wesley Cade as Ross Maddin
  • Lou Profeta as Himself
  • Fred Dunsmore as Himself
  • Kate Yacula as Citizen Girl
  • Jacelyn Lobay as Gweneth Lloyd
  • Eric Nipp as Viscount Gort
  • Jennifer Palichuk as Althea Cornish
  • Director: Guy Maddin
  • Writers: Guy Maddin, George Toles (dialogue writer)